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INTERNAL FINANCE DEPARTMENT RECRUITMENT - Solutions for CPA & Accounting Firms and Financial Services Companies


Grow Your Accounting & Finance Team

Recruiting Financial Minds

Grow your company's finance department.

At White Tiger Connections, we believe that any organization is only as strong as it's finance department. That's why we're passionate about helping companies shore up their financial position by bringing them the best accounting and finance talent the industry has to offer! As mutual advisors in the hiring process, we take a mission-driven approach to helping both our candidates and clients succeed.

Whether you're looking for an Accounting Manager, or your next CFO, we've got the connections to build your finance dream team! If we don't already have your next accounting/finance hire in our network, chances are we know someone who does, and if not, we'll conduct a targeted search to find the professional(s) you need
Why Choose Us?

The White Tiger Difference

We specialize in connecting organizations with highly skilled accounting and finance professionals, and we understand the unique challenges that finance departments face, and the critical role that financial management plays in achieving your goals.

Finance Niche Knowledge
Our team comprehends the distinctive needs of finance departments. We understand that your financial requirements are intertwined with your company's mission, and we find candidates who not only possess the right financial skills but also share your passion.
Extensive Candidate Network
Our vast network encompasses a diverse range of accounting and finance professionals who have experience working in a variety of industries. We thoroughly vet candidates to ensure they have the technical proficiency and the genuine motivation to contribute to your organization's success.
Tailored Solutions
We recognize that each company has its own set of values, goals, and challenges. Our recruitment approach is highly personalized. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and then tailor our search to find candidates who align with your unique organizational culture.
Passion-Driven Matches
Beyond qualifications, we focus on aligning the passions of candidates with the missions of your company. This ensures that the professionals we place are not only skilled but also dedicated to the causes that matter most to your organization.
Steps to Success

Our Process

Our recruitment process at White Tiger Connections is a meticulous and personalized journey designed to seamlessly connect your organization with the ideal accounting and finance professionals.

Needs Assessment
We meet with you to comprehend your organization's financial needs, cultural values, and specific requirements.
Targeted Search
Leveraging our extensive network, we identify candidates whose skills and passions match your needs.
Candidate Evaluation
We conduct in-depth interviews and skill assessments to ensure candidates possess the necessary qualifications and align with your organization's ethos.
Presenting Candidates
You receive candidate profiles as soon as we evaluate them for right-fit and determine that they check all of your boxes.
Once you've selected your ideal candidate, we assist in the hiring process and remain engaged to ensure a smooth integration.
We continue to follow up and support both the candidate and your organization to foster long-term success and satisfaction.

We're more than a recruitment agency...

White Tiger Connections is your partner in strengthening your organization's financial backbone. By collaborating with us, you're making a commitment to excellence, integrity, and the pursuit of meaningful impact.

Let's work together to enhance your company's financial prowess. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization thrive.

What You Should Know

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does White Tiger offer to internal finance departments?

We provide comprehensive services such as candidate sourcing, screening, and shortlisting. We can also assist with reference checks, and offer insights into market trends.

How does White Tiger understand our company's unique needs? We take time to conduct a thorough needs assessment, understanding your organization's mission, culture, values, and the specific skills and qualifications required for each role.
What types of roles can White Tiger help us fill? We cover all accounting and finance roles, including Accounting Manager, Finance Director, CFO, and more.
How does White Tiger's fee structure work?

Our services include a one-time engagement fee to conduct your search and a success fee which is based on a percentage of the hired candidate's annual salary.

Can White Tiger find candidates who are passionate about our mission? Yes! We understand the importance of aligning candidates with your company's mission and have strategies to identify candidates who share your organization's values.
Can White Tiger help us craft job descriptions? Yes, we can help you create compelling job descriptions that effectively communicate the role's responsibilities and the impact the candidate can make through their work.
What happens if a hired candidate doesn't work out? We offer a replacement guarantee should our candidate leave your organization for ANY reason within 6 months of their start date.
How can our company ensure a strong partnership with White Tiger? Open communication, clear expectations, and regular updates are essential. Provide detailed information about your company's needs and values to help us find the best-fit candidates.
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