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trusted advisors, expert consultants & valued partners to the accounting, financial services, legal and technology industries

Why the White Tiger?

Ancient Eastern civilizations often envision the  WHITE TIGER  opposite the dragon, as two halves of the same whole - as Yin and Yang. While the dragon is renowned for representing the success of the human spirit, the  WHITE TIGER  is the spirit’s unseen other half. When these two halves are brought together, all humanity moves forward into a more prosperous future. Our objective at  WHITE TIGER CONNECTIONS  is to be the other half of your dragon spirit - to provide you with the missing pieces which will bring forth the prosperous future you envision.

Get to Know Us


White Tiger Connections is a team of highly skilled Recruiters, Talent Management Professionals and Consultants committed to helping companies and job seekers fulfill their maximum potential. Filling urgent positions, ensuring operational excellence and maximizing earnings potential are our specialties, along with helping companies achieve their next phase of growth.


The White Tiger Connections Partnership is forged in a shared vision of achievement where effective search solutions meet intelligent consulting, analysis, and project management. We are a team adept at maximizing growth while ensuring stability. Loyalty is #1 in our book, and we have faith in your company's ability to reach its development goals!


With a combined 50 years of experience optimizing business performance and operations through talent acquisition, employee development, consulting, and advisory our team has the perfect blend of skills to help your company realize its full potential. We are your trusted partners for current and future development.


Meet the Team

Lacey Hamilton Accounting Solutions Associate
Lacey Hamilton Accounting Solutions Associate
Bryce Barwick Legal Solutions Associate
Bryce Barwick Legal Solutions Associate

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