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top-to-bottom search solutions for Accounting firms and Financial Services companies

Recruitment Services

OPTION 1 Our approach to your company’s comprehensive recruitment needs is a subscription recruitment solution specifically focused on providing you with a superior quantity and quality of placements at close to half the cost of your annual YoY recruiting fees over the past several years. This model originated as we discovered many financial services firms using 3, 5, or even 10 recruiting companies to staff their Executive roles, and for their unique business departments. Our top-to-bottom model fulfills all of your recruiting and staffing needs and entails a process where we perform a number of intake calls with your key hiring managers and work closely with your HR resources so that we can plug directly into the central nervous system of your company. We then assess the full spectrum of needs across all of your hiring stakeholders in order to provide an exceptional and contiguous candidate pipeline across all of your firm’s open positions, and ongoing. This subscription model is a fully involved solution enabling us to be your single, comprehensively dedicated recruiting partner.
Option 2 Our retained search solution is priced at 25% of the base salary and includes a 50% deposit on the estimated total payment. We differentiate ourselves from other retained search companies for Financial Services firms by offering a 1-Year full guarantee on all of our retained placements. This guarantee is indicative of our constant objective, to become your loyal and trusted partner of choice for all your recruitment needs, coupled with the many other valuable offerings and solutions we can provide.

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