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buy or sell in Accounting & Financial Services

White Tiger Connections works very closely with Financial Services buyers and sellers to ensure maximum right-fit, and the achievement of financial and cultural success across all transactions. Our process begins with an in-depth analysis of your objectives as the owner or business leader who can principally drive the realization of appropriate deal-making when objectively strong deals are brought forth.

We aid the discovery process as an independent neutral party as buyers and sellers undergo the sharing of confidential information, personal chemistry and asset alignment with your goals. Our advisement and facilitation is a constant resource for you as you move through discovery into closing patterns and negotiate a strong and healthy deal for all parties.

We also provide newly integrated firms with on-going support, consulting, and implementation to ensure the realization of rapidly operational KPI achievement across both tangible and intangible objectives.

We consult with your business leaders to affirm which business units, industries, and geographies may be primed for stabilized growth and venture initiative investment through M&A. We create a comprehensive list of your business leaders' intersecting needs and assemble a target M&A document that captures priority initiatives primed for achievement through M&A or senior executive search (+or- a team following). Our minimum objective with this document is to apprise your senior leadership of the comprehensive individual growth opportunities and *combined growth opportunities* inherent to your entire company or business unit.
We understand that your practice has been built with your blood, sweat, and tears. Our primary objective is to first understand why you have decided to transact your most precious entity, and what level of involvement, if any, you wish to have in an integrated future. We consult closely with you on an exit strategy that meets your short-term and long-term objectives, and we advise you on market-realistic expectations regarding valuation and strategic directionality across your exit options based on your company's assets. We create a target M&A document detailing your principal goals in objective terms.

Once the target M&A document has been approved by your senior-most-stakeholder, our team and partners first assess our network for a good match and if one does not exist, we then engage in specified and at-scale search initiatives. We broker appropriate introductions between sell and buy-ready firms, support the mutual discovery process in evaluating right-fit, maximize the speed and effectiveness of closing and then integration, and we consult on all party's accountability to problem-solving the obstacles inherent to all such transactions.